Morgan Stanley adds new UCITS offering

Morgan Stanley has announced the recent addition of a new sub-fund, Carrhae Capital Long/Short Emerging Market Equity UCITS Fund, under FundLogic Alternatives plc, a UCITS umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds. The fund provides exposure to the investment strategy followed by Carrhae Capital LLP’s Master Fund LTD, which aims to generate returns with less volatility than emerging market equities, and little to no correlation to other asset classes. The FundLogic Alternatives plc platform currently has approximately US$3.4 billion in AUM.

Wells Fargo AM launches UCITS funds

Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM) has announced the launch of the Global Low Volatility Equity Fund and the Global Long/Short Equity Fund, each a sub-fund of the Wells Fargo (Lux) Worldwide Fund. The Global Low Volatility Equity Fund was launched on 19 June 2017, and the Global Long/Short Equity Fund was launched on 31 July 2017. Both funds are UCITS compliant and are available to institutional and retail investors.

APEM Index Reconstitution

Advisors & Partners LLP , an independent alternative investment specialist, today announced that 13 new funds were added to the A&P Emerging Manager Index (APEM Index) in December 2017, as part of the annual reconstitution process. The A&P Emerging Manager Index is designed to capture the total net returns of early stage & emerging hedge fund managers.

H2O AM acquires stake in Poincaré

H2O Asset Management, an affiliate of the Natixis Global Asset Management Group, has announced its acquisition of a strategic stake in Poincaré Capital Management, a Hong-Kong-based asset manager focusing on global equities driven by Asian growth. This move followed H2O’s recent communication on the limited management capacity left in its high-risk global macro products. After launching a global emerging debt, then a global aggregate fund, H2O created its Barry brand in 2016, which is dedicated to thematic investments linked to the lack of liquidity in the market place.


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