Stone Harbor latest signee to pensions code

September, 2017

Stone Harbor Investment Partners LP, the global fixed-income investment firm focused on credit and asset allocation strategies, has announced its commitment to comply with the £217 billion Local Government Pension Scheme’s (LGPS) Code of Transparency.
The voluntary code, launched by the LGPS Advisory Board in June 2017, is aimed at helping LGPS funds access detailed information surrounding costs and fees in order to help to report costs transparently.
“Signing up to LGPS Transparency Code was an important step for Stone Harbor and one that further showcases our commitment to providing our LGPS clients with full portfolio and cost transparency.” said Michael Casagranda, Client Relationship Manager at Stone Harbor.
“Stone Harbor has been working with LGPS clients since 2007, and we are fully supportive of the Code’s imperative, which seeks to provide more clear and consistent cost reporting” Casagranda added.

He also said, that “whilst the code is specifically for LGPS clients, we expect its impact will be felt across the entire pensions industry.”