SG: Feb '17 A Strong Month For CTAs

March, 2017

Societe Generale Prime Services today announces the February 2017 performance data for its SG CTA indices.


February 2017


SG CTA Index



SG CTA Mutual Fund Index



SG Trend Index



SG Short Term Traders Index



SG Trend Indicator



February was a strong month for managed futures strategies, with all three CTA indices (the CTA index, the CTA mutual fund index and the Trend index) producing performance in excess of 2%.

Trend followers led this positive turnaround, returning 2.88%. Short term traders, on the other hand, continued to struggle, with negative returns of -1.95%.

The Trend Indicator attribution data showed that equity indices, contributing 2.30%, were the main driver of positive returns for trend followers in February with gains from long positions in all markets. The commodity sector was positive for the first month since June 2016, contributing 0.11%. The bond sector was the only negative return, contributing -0.60%, as bond markets rebounded slightly against short positions established in 2016.

Tom Wrobel, Director of Alternative Investments Consulting at Societe Generale Prime Services, said:

“The continuing performance across all equity indices this month has been a strong driver for CTA performance, while moves in some of the Commodity and Currency markets have also helped. Bond markets are at the moment proving more challenging, having been a significant performance contributor for most of 2016. While the SG Trend Indicator is now long all Equity Indices, the wide dispersion of positions within other asset classes should mean that CTAs continue to offer diversification benefits to traditional portfolios.”