A&P Emerging Manager Index Up 1.13%

April, 2017

The A&P Emerging Manager Index produced a positive return of 1.13% for March 2017 and 3.54% for the quarter.

Hedge funds saw further gains in March, with all leading strategies rounding off a period of positive returns in the first quarter of 2017. The APEM index produced another strong performance of 1.13% for March and 3.54% for the first quarter. The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index returned 0.39% for March and 2.34% for the first quarter.

Advisors & Partners LLP launched the A&P Emerging Manager Index (APEM Index) on the 1st December 2015. The APEM index is an equal weighted index of 20 emerging managers. The APEM index is designed to offer investors, who have a particular interest in early stage hedge fund investing, an effective research and benchmarking tool and to provide better visibility to asset managers who have launched new hedge fund investment products.  

Details of the A&P Emerging Manager Index can be found on our website: www.advisorsandpartners.co.uk/knowledge/advisors-partners-indices/ap-emerging-manager-index/