Will Adapting To Today’s Evolving Demands Help You Stand Out Tomorrow?

Talent management
Talent management has been increasingly on the radar of fund managers and investors alike. The industry has always been on the lookout for the next generation of star managers. However, rarely in the past did hedge funds find themselves competing against other industries for the top talent. Today, not only do fund managers compete against each other, but they are also battling technology and Internet giants as well as venture capital and start-up companies across all industries for the best people. Additionally, managers need to be cognizant of the changing demographics of the workforce — what attracted and retained talent a decade ago is significantly different than what today’s employees are looking for. Managers big and small alike are taking notice and implementing programs that they believe will help them secure the talent that will drive their business forward in the future.

Talent management programs are evolving, as managers focus on attracting and retaining talent
After growth, talent management is viewed as the top priority of hedge fund managers. In many ways, the two objectives — growth and talent — are aligned. A manager requires the right employees to execute on their growth objectives.