UBP Alternatives Breakfast 2016: Turning to Alternatives in an Uncertain Market Environment


  • Yves Guntern – Alternative Investments Business Head, UBP
  • Ashwin Vasan – CIO and Founder, Trend Capital
  • Thierry Lucas – CIO and Founder, Portland Hill Capital
  • Sidney Rostan – ILS Portfolio Manager, SCOR Investment Partners
  • Jos Shaver – Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Electron


Enhancing portfolio returns with uncorrelated assets

Yves Guntern – Alternative Investments Business Head, UBP

Why don’t we start by looking at flows and demands? With reference to Europe, we have seen over the past 12 months a €51 billion inflow into alternative strategies. European investors generally speaking are reducing the risk in their portfolios and allocating to more conservative strategies. It’s a very similar picture in Asia; I was there last week and we see that the trend in clients’ portfolios is absolutely the same, in the same direction.

We’ve all read the press during the summer saying that there are massive outflows from cash funds but that doesn’t really correspond to what we’re seeing here. The reason for this is that the profile of investors in the US is different than what we have in Europe and in Asia, in the sense that in the US after the global financial crisis, institutional investors had very quickly allocated to hedge funds in 2009/2010 and since then they’ve had a pretty sizeable exposure to alternative strategies, including actual of course.