The Hedge Fund Journal Performance Awards 2016

Long Short Equity - Asia
AlphaGen Hokuto (winner)
UMJ Kotoshiro Fund (runner-up)

Long Short Equity - North America
PCJ Absolute Return Strategy (winner)
RWC US Absolute Alpha Fund (runner-up)

Long Short Equity - Global
Portland Hill Overseas Fund Limited (winner)
RWC Global Innovation Absolute Alpha Fund (runner-up)

Long Short Equity - Europe
Allianz Discovery Europe Strategy (winner)
Old Mutual UK Specialist Equity Fund (runner-up)

Equity Market Neutral - North America
Fiera North American Market Neutral Fund (winner)
Mitra Capital Partners LP (runner-up)

Equity Market Neutral - Global
ABCA Reversion Fund Plc (winner)
Oyster Market Neutral (runner-up)

Equity Market Neutral - Europe
Sabre Style Arbitrage (winner)
GAM Talentum Enhanced Europe Long/Short Fund (runner-up)

Macro - Global
Stratus Feeder LLC (winner)
PIMCO Absolute Return Strategy IV (runner-up)

Macro - North America
Arctic Blue Capital (winner)
SBB Research Group Polysight I LLC (runner-up)

Multi-Strategy - Global
Visium Global Offshore Fund, Ltd (winner)
AQR Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund (runner-up)

Event Driven - Global
Omni Event Fund (winner)
KG Investments Fund (runner-up)

Event Driven - Europe
Cygnus Europa Event Driven (winner)
EQMC Development Capital Fund PLC (runner-up)

Event Driven - North America
MMCAP Fund Inc. (winner)
Whitebox Asymmetric Partners, L.P. (runner-up)

Emerging Markets - Asia
KS Asia Absolute Return Fund (winner)
NB Greater China Long/Short Equity Fund Ltd. (runner-up)

Emerging Markets - Global
36ONE Hedge Segregated Portfolio (winner)
Pictet Global Emerging Debt (runner-up)

Emerging Markets - Europe
UFG Special Situations Fund (winner)
Verno Capital Growth Fund Limited (runner-up)

Convertible Arbitrage - North America
Symphony Rhapsody Fund, L.P. (winner)
Pine River Convertibles Master Fund Ltd (runner-up)

Convertible Arbitrage - Global
Context Partners Fund, L.P. (winner)
GLG Global Convertible Fund (runner-up)

Fixed Income - Global
Capricorn Fund A (winner)
PIMCO Tactical Opportunities Fund (runner-up)

Fixed Income - Europe
Clareant Structured Credit Opportunity Fund (winner)
Cheyne Real Estate Debt Fund (runner-up)

Fixed Income - North America
GAM Star MBS Total Return (winner)
Timberline Fund, LP (runner-up)

Distressed Assets - Global
Wexford Credit Opportunities Fund (winner)
Polygon Distressed Opportunities Fund (runner-up)

Risk (Merger) Arbitrage - North America
Gardner Lewis Merger Arbitrage Fund, L.P. (winner)
Vertex Arbitrage Fund (runner-up)

Fund of Funds - Asia
SAIL Asia Pacific Managers Fund (winner)
Wolver Hill Japan Multi-Strategy Fund (runner-up)

Fund of Funds - Global
Exane Cristal Fund (winner)
La Francaise Tages Multi Arbitrages (runner-up)

Fund of Funds - Europe
Deutsche Invest I Multi Opportunities LC (winner)
Flexible Asset Allocation (runner-up)

Fund of Funds - North America
GLL Investors L.P. (winner)
Hatteras Long/Short Equity Fund (runner-up)