EY Targets Global Gender Parity by 2030

EY has sponsored The Hedge Fund Journal’s biennial “50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds” survey since 2011. The latest edition was published in 2017 and honorees included EY’s UK Hedge Funds Sector Co-Leader, Zeynep Meric-Smith. Retaining and promoting women is one dimension of diversity monitored by Diversity Inc, which in 2017 awarded EY the highest ranking in its Top 50 list of US firms. EY has been steadily climbing up this league table for over 15 years. EY has made it into the top 10 for the past 8 years and the top 50 since 2001, in addition to earning a whole host of other accolades from Diversity Inc.

This trophy is among a long list of diversity awards EY has received around the world, in countries including Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. EY also has councils and committees devoted to D&I. EY already appears to be amongst the most progressive companies on diversity metrics but is striving for greater achievements on this front.

EY’s pledge for parity was originally a US-focused one related to remuneration (the White House Equal Pay pledge) but has now gone global with EY’s global Chairman, Mark Weinberger, signing up to Paradigm for Parity (P4P) for the whole firm. P4P aims for 50% of the firm’s senior leadership to be women by 2030; currently, approximately 50% of the trainee intake are women but the percentage at partner level is not yet there.