Carne Global Financial Services

John Donohoe is a quiet spoken Irishman who now advises some of the biggest names in the hedge fund management industry. He is a man who believes that the consulting industry, at least in the fund management space, needs to demonstrate its added value on a practical and quantifiable level. He seems to be on the right track.

Amongst those on his client list are Barclays Global Investors, Europe's biggest single hedge fund manager, as well as Banco Santander, GLG MMI, HSBC, Citibank, and Allianz, large institutional names active across a range of product and function areas within the hedge fund sphere. As the CEO and Principal of Carne Global Financial Services, Donohoe has been quietly expanding his firm across three jurisdictions in the last three years, and has positioned it as a highly competitive specialist within the cross-border asset management industry.

Donohoe's credentials include KPMG and a stint with Morgan Grenfell Asset Management in the early 1990s, eventually becoming a Grade 1 Management Director within Deutsche Asset Management (Morgan Grenfell was eventually re-branded after its acquisition by Deutsche in 1988). Following a reorganisation, he joined the global transaction services part of the bank, to focus on asset servicing for mutual funds and hedge funds in Europe, Asia, and the offshore jurisdictions. This was a big operation, with over 2000 personnel, including the WM Company in Edinburgh (acquired from Bankers Trust), the Deutsche trustee company, and operations in various European countries, including Germany, Italy, and Austria.